Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications through SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and more.

SpyderText's advanced emergency notifications not only allow you to send out mass notifications, but create intelligent solutions for communication.

For businesses, quickly communicate with your employees, conduct check-ins, and communicate updates efficiently.

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For city, state, and other government entities, organize first responders, notify the community, and discover who might need assistance first.

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City, State, and Government Emergency Notification System

First Responders

During an emergency situation, it is imperative to have great communication with those on the ground. The SpyderText emergency notification system allows you to quickly send, and recieve, information from your teams.

Community Alerts

Use SpyderText as a mass communication platform. Residents can receive alerts and information directly during times of crisis, emergency, and evacuation.

During emergencies, phone lines can become jammed, internet can be unstable, and keeping communication open during this time is vital. Cities and municiaplities have a responsibility to keep their residents informed. With SpyderText, this is made easy, and affordable.


SpyderText can be used to help determine who may need assistance during an emergency. Using intelligent workflows, allow residents to signify if they are safe, and intelligently filter responses to teams who can help.

Business Emergency Notification System


Quickly get information out to the employees, including emergency updates, shelter in place notices, and other pertinent information. Employees do not need to install an app, and the SpyderText Emergency Notification System works with any phone capable of receiving SMS messages.

See It In Action

Text demo safety to 47092 and a SpyderText specialist will contact you to setup a demo!