Emergency Notifications, Interdepartmental Communication, and Community Outreach

SpyderText provides several solutions for government agencies, from emergency notifications, scheduling, to interdepartmental communication and community outreach.

Emergency Notifications

Using SpyderText's secure platform you can quickly send alerts out to residents, and using our advanced programs, create intelligent workflows to improve communication.

Organize first responders and quickly deliver relevant information to those helping, and those being helped.

Interdepartmental Communication

Use SpyderText to help manage your staff. Send company wide announcements, send messages to specific departments or individuals, create automated reminders, and ask for status updates, quickly and easily.

SpyderText requires no additional software, so employees don't need to install an app, and just need a phone that can receive SMS messages. This allows you to reach ALL your employees.

Community Outreach

Send notifications about upcoming events in the community, ask for volunteers, and communicate pertinent information quickly.