Health Care

Appointment confirmations/reminders, employee staffing, emergency notifications

SpyderText is a great fit for Health Care facilities. We can aid with appointment confirmations/reminders, help with staffing and employee-communication, as well as emergency notifications.

Our system can be customized to fit your needs, and can be used with facilities of any size.

Appointment Confirmations

Send automated appointment reminders to patients, or automatically confirm appointments by allowing customers to reply back if they can still make it.

Adjust when reminders are sent, and allow for multiple reminders to be sent as a patient's appointment gets closer. Send follow-up information, links to online forms, or other materials that the patient may need.

Employee Staffing

Running Health Care facilities is not an easy task, it can take multiple full-time positions working to ensure that your facilities are fully staffed. With SpyderText, you can quickly send out communications to your health care workers

Emergency Notifications

When an emergency situation presents itself, quickly communicate with your staff, sending out mass notifications to quickly get information to those who need it. Using our Automation platform, create intelligent communication workflows to quickly organize, and execute an emergency plan.