Law Enforcement

Eliminate calling trees, quickly organize teams, and get realtime updates

Communication between multiple teams/organizations can create problems with coordination and coverage. Often times the coordination requires so much time that the planning of an operation, or the allocation of resources, gets little attention. SpyderText allows direct communication with groups across multiple teams/organizations, and gives the opportunity for quick feedback regardless of the technology used by the department.

With SpyderText, a message can be broadcast to cell phones and individual responses can be received within seconds. Responses can be tracked in the order they are received and specific instructions can be given based on the answers given.

Eliminate Calling Trees

Go from organizing your teams in hours, to organizing them in minutes. Quickly send messages with detailed instructions, receive instant notification of who is responding, and automatically send follow-up information.

Mobilize Multi-Departmental Teams

Using SpyderText's secure platform you can quickly send messages out across departments, teams, and organizations. Our tools can decrease response times and increase effective communication.