Engage customers, manage employees, conduct surveys, send promotions, and more

SpyderText's provides several solutions for retail companies. Use our services to reach customers directly, send product updates, announcements, promotions, and other notifications. Conduct polls, receive support/service requests, and more.

SpyderText allows has tools to allow you to manage your staff. Schedule shifts, conduct employee surveys, send information, and retrieve responses quickly.

SMS Marketing

SpyderText can be used as a very effective SMS marketing platform. Deliver messages to your customer base at lightning fast speeds, and with deep engagement. More than just simple one-way blasts, SpyderText allows you to create advanced interactions with your customers, letting you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

SpyderText can integrate with any POS, CRM, or ERP that allows for REST calls. We have SDKs ready to go in a variety of languages, and our API Integration Specialists can help with even the most complex of integrations.

Employee Management

Use SpyderText to help manage your staff. Fill shifts automatically, create effective channels for employee communication, and integrate with the systems you may already be using.

Engage with your employees by sending pulse surveys, and getting direct feedback, allowing you to make effective decisions.