Utility Companies

Quickly send out status updates, alerts, and schedule maintenance visits.

SpyderText's communication services offer a lot of benefit for utility companies. Our service can help get information out quickly to keep your customers informed. Allow your customers to contact you with issues, via the platform they prefer (SMS, email, Facebook, and others), handle maintenance scheduling, shut-off reminders, and emergency notifications

Customer Support

Allow your customer to put in support tickets quickly, and intelligently filter them to the department/individual that can help. Use our advanced programs feature to have automated responses answer the most common questions.


Use SpyderText to help manage your technicians. Send job reminders, updates, and information through SMS. Allow customers to text their availability, keep them informed of any maintenance progress or delays.

Confirm appointments, get updates from the field, including photos of work completed, quick status updates, and more.

Shut-off Reminders

Integrate with your existing systems and send automated shut-off reminders to customers who are past due. Direct their queries directly to the billing department by allowing them to call back into a dedicated number.