SMS Automation

Unprecedented automation through Simple and Powerful tools.

SpyderText not only allows you to prewrite responses to yes/no questions, SpyderText includes an advanced Programs feature that allows you to create unprecedented automation in your SMS workflows.

SMS Programs

SpyderText Programs allow you to create advanced automation for an intelligent responding SMS, Email, Facbook Messenger, and/r Twitter Bot. Create dynamic responses, integrate with 3rd party services, place users into buckets, assign to agents, and so much more.

SpyderText Programs, advanced SMS Automation

Two-Way, and Three-Way Messaging

Draft simple yes/no, and yes/no/maybe messages, providing automated replies when a user replies back in. All replies can also have a limit, and a separate message go out when that limit is reached. Use this automation for staffing, contests, dispatching, and more.

SpyderText Yes/No automated replies

See It In Action

Text demo program to 47092 and a SpyderText specialist will contact you to setup a demo!